The American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar
In 2006, ParaMounts was contracted to design, fabricate and install mounts for all artifacts, objects and props for
"In the Cause of Liberty,"  the inaugural exhibit in a new museum in Richmond, Virginia.
Designed by The PRD Group, this exhibit is the first to incorporate three points of view on the American civil war -
Union, Confederate and African American.
The museum, which opened in October of 2006, is
heavily dependent upon artifact loans from other
instituions.  As this necessitates periodic rotation of
artifacts on display, ParaMounts has been instrumental
in maintaining the highest levels of conservation quality
and visiual appeal in each successive rotation.
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In the most recent  2008 rotation, we mounted
artifacts including a southern girl's pinafore, a
slave-made corncob doll, a cavalry saddle and
even a lock of Stonewall Jackson's hair.