About ParaMounts
ParaMounts, LLC (“ParaMounts”) is a group of skilled mount makers who
specialize in the design, fabrication and installation of artifact-specific,
conservation-quality mounts for museums, traveling exhibits and private

Our approach to mount making is founded on the belief that the conservation of
artifacts and objects of art on exhibit is of
paramount importance.   

While other companies in this business space make mounts as an addendum to
their primary business, ParaMounts focuses all of our considerable knowledge,
skills and abilities on the creation of mounts that conserve and display artifacts
without detracting from the exhibit design or complicating periodic removal for
routine maintenance and conservation.

Our client list includes national museums, privately funded historical societies
and reqional museums as well as private collections that vary from fine art to
antiquities, sports and sports memorabilia.
Meet the ParaMounts Team
To design, fabricate and install custom, cost-effective, conservation-quality
mounts that support and display artifacts and objects of art without sacrificing
design, quality or security.
The ParaMounts Mission
Neal Childs, who has been a professional mount maker since 1988, is a
recognized expert in the use of brass, acrylic, steel, and silver to create
custom, museum-quality mounts. He has designed and fabricated mounts for
objects of all sizes: from an ancient coin – smaller than a dime - for the
Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City, to a fifty-pound mill stone for the
Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin, Texas.  As the senior
mount maker for Sanders Museum Services, Neal was also instrumental in
training many of the associates who worked for SMS during his tenure.    

Bill Veldran, a professional mountmaker for the past fifteen years, has
designed, fabricated, prepared and installed mounts for a wide variety of
exhibits and museums.  In addition to working in brass, steel and other media,
Bill is an expert in the design, fabrication and installation of acrylic book
mounts.   He created a number of mounts for rare and priceless anatomy
volumes displayed in the “Dream Anatomies” exhibit at the National Library of
Medicine, some of which reached over forty inches in height.  

Nancey Veldran has nine years of mount making experience in addition to
over 20 years of management and business experience.   During her tenure
with Sanders Museum Services (2001-2004), Nancey designed, built,
prepared and installed mounts for exhibits at the National Library of Medicine,
Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum, Indiana State Museum, International
Spy Museum and Smithsonian Institute Traveling Exhibit Services.  She
served as project manager, in addition to mount maker/preparator, for SMS
assignments at the DEA Museum, National Library of Medicine, Fairfax
Museum, Peabody-Essex Museum, Albert Pike Gallery, Liberty Bell Center,
Jamestown Settlement, and the National Track & Field Hall of Fame.  

The ParaMounts team collaborates closely on artifact assessment, mount
design, fabrication and installation with Neal and Bill leading the mount
making efforts.   On business issues such as proposal and bid development,
project management, scheduling and billing, Nancey provides a single point of