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Specific Exhibit References

“In the Cause of Liberty”, The American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar, Richmond, VA
Adam Scher, Executive Director & Director, Museum Services
804-780-1865, ext. 19

“History is All Around Us”, The Old State House, Hartford, CT
Kate Steinway, Executive Director
The Connecticut Historical Society Museum
860-236-5621, ext. 234

Andrea Rapacz, Director of Exhibitions
The Connecticut Historical Society Museum
860-236-5621, ext. 245

Annapolis History Center, Historic Annapolis Foundation, Annapolis, MD
Patricia M. Blick, General Manager

Museum & Professional References
Margaret Hutto, Exhibits Director
Historical Society of Washington, DC
Phone: 202-383-1832

Jill L. Newmark, Exhibition Registrar
National Library of Medicine, History of Medicine Division, National Institutes of Health
Phone: 301-435-5241

Hugh Shockey, Objects Conservator
Smithsonian Institution American Art Museum
Phone: 202-238-1043